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With 100% natural ingredients and freshly chopped vegetables, the Cornish Pasty has been a wholesome, & handheld meal-for-one for centuries. As authentic now it was back then, a Proper Cornish Pasty is just as tasty to eat, as it is convenient, for those on the go.

Only a Proper Pasty will do.

You can no doubt find many guises of a pie, labelled as Cornish Pasty in various freezer sections of corner shops, whilst some might say imitation is the highest form of flattery, just ask our British customers (or our Aussie travellers who have made the journey to England) and they will tell you that there is nothing like an authentic Cornish Pasty. Staying true to the Cornish way and the protected heritage food product that now is in the UK, you will find nothing as authentic in Australia as our Proper Cornish Pasty.

Our company founder was born and bred in England’s Westcountry, specifically near the Devon & Cornwall border, so he knows a thing or two about them. If you ever have a spare few hours, he will tell you all about them. But you don’t have to take our word for it (or his), try one today and we are sure you’ll love eating them as much as we love making them.

Where can I get my proper Pasties from?

The Proper Pasty team will soon have a new kitchen location that  you can come & visit and choose from our selection of frozen pasties & other items.

The easiest way though, will be through our growing list of stockists in the Sydney metro area. We have carefully selected premium butchers & delis throughout Sydney  that most people should have reasonable access too.

If we don’t have a stockist near you, we most likely will have soon. If you are struggling to get hold of our products, please just contact us directly and we will get you your pasty-fix.


Current Stockists

The Freshwater Butcher – 1-3 Moore Road, Freshwater , 2096

Elvy’s Quality Meats – 79 Allen Street, Leichhardt, 2040

Con’s Continental Deli – 31 Park Street, Glenbrook, 2773

Pittwater Fine Quality Meats – 1/10 Park St, Mona Vale NSW 2103

Plateau Fine Quality Meats – Shop 4e/65 Veterans Parade, Collaroy Plateau NSW 2097

Devitt Wholesale Meats – 2 Devitt Street, Narrabeen , 2101


Party and Corporate Events

Launching to the public is our in home Party Hire and Corporate Event offering

Our Packages include:
Selection of 180g Mini Pasties
Sausage Rolls
Pie Warmer (inc Delivery and Retrieval)

Contact us now for a custom Proper Party Package

Feeling Hungry?

Proper Pasty flavours

All our Pasties are served in a Large ~280g size
Select Pasties are now available in a ~370g Jumbo size
Small ~180g Pasties are available for party hire and corporate catering


Follow our Cooking & Heating Guidelines to ensure you have a great tasting Pasty at home

Sometimes less really is more..

The Cornish Pasty.

We all love a good Aussie Pie… as long as its good… But have you ever tried a Pasty? A proper Cornish Pasty?

The Cornish Pasty was an essential staple food of the Cornish tin miners for hundreds of years, consisting of meat & 3 veg. It was wrapped and baked in a pastry and made in such a way, that the miners use the crimped edge of the pastry as a handle, to stop them getting zinc & dirt on bits they were eating. 

It was nutritious, easy to eat & delicious. It still is and it’s still going strong in the UK, where it is a heritage food and can only be called Cornish if it meets certain criteria regarding its ingredients and where its made – a bit like what champagne is to other sparkling wines –

It’s lost its way in Australia down the years but fear not, now its back for those of you that want something more than just a pie, for a reasonable price.

The Cornish Pasty, kept the tin miners going for hundreds of years, so it’ll have no problem keeping you going for a day, but the catch is that there are very few places you can get a proper pasty from… like the Proper Pasty Company. 

We make delicious, wholesome Cornish pasties, true to their heritage, along with other irresistible flavours & tastes for everyone. We even do full english breakfast for you early starters.

You really won’t regret trying a Proper Pasty they’re proper ‘ansome.